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Letter: Vote for Kelly, Lelia, Juan, Michelle and Dan

I attended the Eagle County School District Board of Education forum this past week and I strongly believe the best candidates are Kelly Alter, Leila Conlin, Juan Peña, Michelle Stecher and Dan Reynolds.

Each of these candidates is an excellent representative of our community and understands the role of the Board of Education. Not one of the candidates appears to have a personal agenda and will therefore make decisions based solely on what is best for our students. None of them pretended to have simple answers to complicated issues. And none of them would limit their priorities to teaching the 3 R’s.

Peña said it well when he noted that, of course, we want to focus on the 3Rs, but there is so much more that our schools can and must do for our children. We must teach them science, history, music, art, sports, social skills and good mental health practices. If we do that, we will have well-rounded students who will possess the skills needed to succeed in the broader world. These five candidates support that kind of education.

Please vote for Kelly, Lelia, Juan, Michelle and Dan. They are the best candidates for our local school board.

Gail Flesher

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