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Letter: Vote ‘no’ on 1A or your business could be next one singled out for new taxes

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You have heard from some who want 1A to pass, as it will support mental-health treatment. You have heard from some who want 1A defeated, as it is another burden on the already overtaxed marijuana industry. I would like to discuss this from a different perspective, along with my reasons for voting “no” on this proposal.

The original reason for this new tax proposal was the county didn’t feel current sales tax revenues (the marijuana portion) were keeping up with expenses involved in administering marijuana licenses in Eagle County. Knowing that this idea alone would probably not “sell” with the voters, Eagle County embarked on a telephone survey to see what would sell. The preferred choice was affordable housing, but the more popular mental health issue was the winner. The original idea morphed into what we have today. Identify a new tax first and then find a popular “cause” later.

In addition to the above, other reasons to vote “no” on 1A are:

• Marijuana business licensees were strongly encouraged to support the initiative.

• Apparently there is not a problem with administration expenses, as was first suggested as the reason for the tax.

• Singling out certain business segments for what could be construed as punitive taxation is not a practice that should be supported. Your business could be next.

• The big employers in this valley who openly support this can put their money where their mouth is and fund this themselves.

• Although a portion of these sales tax proceeds may be returned to various communities in the form of “grants,” no set amounts will ever be established.

• The county may be able to continually raise the tax rate if expectations are not met.

Vote “no” on 1A. Eagle County voters deserve better.

David Warner


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