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Letter: Vote no on Avon recalls

Vote no on the Avon recalls. And let me tell you why.

Mayor Sarah Smith Hymes and Tamra Nottingham Underwood are two of the hardest working women I have ever met, and they work tirelessly for our town.

Town Council is so much more than the five hours you see on TV twice a month. It’s endless meetings with commissions, committees, regional authorities, advocacy groups, locals; countless executive sessions for legal advice; it’s hours of reading and research, talking with locals about a variety of subjects and countless conversations becoming better informed but also helping relay information about initiatives and projects happening behind the scenes.

Council is so much work. We all put in so much time, energy and effort. And these two women are passionate about our town and huge advocates for our locals. They are thorough, intelligent, adaptive, passionate, and willing to do what’s right for the town — always.

This recall is fruitless, baseless, and aggressive. Also, expensive. When everything is said and done, the money spent could have helped pay for one to two new Mi Casa homes for locals, or a two-year salary for a full-time professional grant writer to acquire more grants for the town, or built bathrooms on the north side of Nottingham Park. But instead, that money is paying for an egregious recall.

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As the Vail Daily put it: “It’s only objective is to hijack the democratic process and bully elected officials.“

Neither of these incredibly hard-working women have broken any laws, nor have either of them violated an oath of office or acted unethically.

So, I can’t urge you enough to shut down this senseless and expensive recall effort with an emphatic no.

Lindsay L. Hardy


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