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Letter: Vote no on Colorado Proposition 113

The initial gut reaction to Proposition 113 is, yes, let each vote count and we will have a president that most people wanted. Let’s take a step back, and really look at what will happen.

Since the high-populated states are on the East Coast and on the West Coast, those populations will drive who is elected and they will determine who will be elected president. Is that in the interest of the people of Colorado? In certain years the people of Colorado could elect someone different to be president than the voters in coastal states and if the Electoral College is still in place, the results of the Electoral College could agree with the people in Colorado. The fallacy of Proposition 113 assumes that the people of Colorado will always vote the same way as the voters in the coastal states.

Another issue is one of influence. If the popular vote determines presidential election winners and the coastal states have the preponderance of the population, politicians will pay attention to the needs of the coastal states in order to get their votes which may not be the same needs as those of the people in Colorado. Funding for coastal state programs would become a priority over those in Colorado. Colorado needs will become second-class. Political campaigns would be localized in states with high populations and the states in the center of the United States would truly become flyover states because the value of the individuals vote in Colorado will be decreased.

Vote no on Proposition 113 and retain the value of the votes of the people in Colorado.

Martin Vandeven


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