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Letter: Vote no on Proposition 113

This is a question of whether Colorado’s electoral votes should reflect the interests and decisions of Coloradans or whether Colorado’s vote should be used as part of a philosophy of coastal states, or any other states, that may or may not reflect the thinking of Coloradans.  

Our electoral system was set up to give each state an opportunity to express themselves and show the desire of a majority of their voters. Fairness is represented by the fact that the share of the electors each state receives is primarily based on its population.  Please understand that Proposition 113 has nothing to do with individual votes for Colorado. What it does is give all our electoral votes to whoever gets the popular vote nationally regardless of who won the popular vote in Colorado. It gives away our representation as a state to say what we, as a voting bloc, actually want.

If Proposition 113 passes it means that a very small number of states with large populations and specific interests can impose their will on a majority of states that have a different philosophy of governance. The Constitution wisely set out to give all states a say so that decisions would not be mandated by only large population states. We have a chance to maintain that intent and give our vote to whichever candidate our state feels is most representative. Vote No on Proposition 113.

Tom Edwards


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