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Letter: Vote no on Proposition CC

Proposition CC, a legislative referral on the upcoming November ballot, would allow the state to keep all excess revenues that are currently returned to the taxpayers under the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.  If Prop. CC were to pass, all individual and business TABOR refunds would be lost forever.

In return for this general assembly “slush fund” the current legislature is promising to earmark the taxpayer refunds toward education and transportation. The problem is the implementing language in Proposition CC is a statutory change and thereby not binding on any future legislature. Future legislatures may choose to use the funds to build prisons, Front Range light rail, or even fund studies for more water transfers from the mountain communities and the San Luis Valley.  One thing is certain — it’s very unlikely rural Colorado would ever see any of the pilfered funds returned to our communities.

Voters should read the non-partisan Legislative Council Blue Book that was mailed to all registered voters.  The last two sentences, under Arguments against Proposition CC, read.  “The measure broadly directs where the new money will be spent, but the specifics can be changed in the future without voter approval. Further, while spending this new money for education and transportation, the legislature could redirect existing funds to any other purpose.”

Vote no on Proposition CC.

Carl Miller


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