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Letter: Vote ‘no’ on the barn

There are many reasons to vote “no” on the Hahnewald barn. 

The Avon Town Council wants to potentially use the Hahnewald barn as an event center, but it would not function well as an event center as it is 30 feet wide. This is too narrow to accommodate tables and allow sufficient walking and gathering space. The plan is to make it three levels so it can accommodate larger groups. I am sure most events and weddings would prefer a venue on one level. 

The council has been working on this for two or more years but still does not have a concrete number on the cost to move and renovate this building. Before starting a project and/or asking the tax payers to fund such a project, the council should complete their due diligence. This council has not provided the cost to build a new building that would be designed as an event center and better accommodates a large group. Without a cost comparison of building new verses moving the barn, how can an informed decision be made? 

The barn’s past would not be lost if part of it, such as some siding and beams, were used in a new event center with a plaque explaining its origin. It would most likely cost a lot less to build a new building than move the barn and end up with a dysfunctional event center that would not provide a good return on investment.  

Don’t give the Town Council a blank check which would allow it to spend $6 million, $8 million, $10 million dollars or more on this project. This money could be better spent on other projects. Please vote “no” on your town survey.  

Angelo Loria


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