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Letter: Vote ‘yes’ for schools, roads, water and taxing tobacco

This year’s ballot is mercifully short but contains some really important questions. I was appointed as an Eagle County commissioner in February, and I see the questions with some newly-acquired perspective, so I wanted to share my thoughts on these issues in case that is helpful to you. I’ll do this in two parts, starting with state issues and some of the local ones.

State Proposition CC would allow the state to keep revenue it would otherwise have to rebate to taxpayers. There’s a debate about whether this represents a tax, which to me is just semantics. Colorado is near the bottom of states in funding transportation and education, and it shows. You get what you pay for. And if we want decent roads and schools, we must pay for what we get. Speaking only for myself, I’m horrible at building roads and running schools. I’d rather pay the government to do that, so I’m voting “yes” on CC.

State Proposition DD permits and taxes sports betting. I’ll just refer you to the Vail Daily Editorial Board’s excellent summary of this one in the October 16 edition. I’m “yes” on DD as well.

Last year, Avon was one of a handful of towns blazing the trail in recognizing the teen vaping epidemic by overwhelmingly passing a tax on tobacco and nicotine products and raising the age to buy those products to 21. The rest of us are now catching up to help our teens avoid this incredible epidemic, and we need that tax everywhere to keep people walking across a town line to value shop their fix. I encourage you to vote for Eagle County’s Issue 1A and Issue No. 1, for Vail residents (those two taxes do not stack on top of each other, by the way).

Finally, the town of Salida understandably loves our unique and incredible Colorado Mountain College, and they would love to join the family. Issue 7A gives Salida permission to join, without raising taxes on our existing CMC family. Each CMC campus is a unique treasure to its home community that benefits from the high quality and great value education the college universally provides. 7A says, “Welcome to the family!”

I’ll cover the final ballot questions in another letter to the editor to follow shortly.

Matt Scherr

Eagle County Commissioner

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