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Letter: Vote yes on 1A for a healthy Eagle County

Tobacco usage from a teenage perspective: I am among many teenagers who have fallen into the influence of tobacco usage. I participated in it, and convinced myself that I would be “cooler” and more accepted if I tried it. Last year, this decision impacted me in a way I could have never imagined. I was caught at school with and e-cigarette. I was questioned by the school, my parents were called, and I was suspended for two days.

I instantly knew that the consequences of my choice would be significant. I could not blame anyone else becasue this was a decision that I had wrongly made. We are all young and don’t truly realize the dangers of the substances that surround us. Through the school, my parents, and an abundance of research, I now understand the true dangers that lie in these products. These substances are too easily available to teenagers, just like me.

Big Tobacco, paired with peer pressure, aim these substances to teenagers. Let’s face it — not many adults actually want a cotton candy-flavored tobacco substance. For one bad choice, I now must explain on every college application what I have done. I know that it could strongly impact my chances of getting into the schools for which I have worked so hard. I have been a straight-A student, yet so much was impacted by this one choice.

Not only can it affect your life through the schools, but it is also extremely dangerous to your health. It is highly addictive and can be a gateway into the usage of other substances. After researching the Issue 1A, I knew that I wanted to get involved with the cause. I wholeheartedly agree that the legal age to buy these products should be raised to 21 years or older. This would eliminate the easy availability to high school students. I want to help my generation understand that it is not worth it to use tobacco. Our community should strongly consider protecting everyone from Big Tobacco and its influence. I urge all to vote yes on 1A.

Jordan O’Neil

Eagle County

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