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Letter: Vote ‘yes’ on 4B to support Colorado Mountain College

Can you imagine our community without Colorado Mountain College? Fifty years ago, a small band of courageous leaders travelled throughout Western Colorado’s high country to convince remote communities to tax themselves to create CMC. The measure passed by a 2-to-1 ratio and created a college unlike any other in the state’s history. Now, it’s our job to preserve CMC’s heritage.

Because of the way Colorado’s Gallagher Amendment was structured, the growth in Front Range real estate values negatively affects CMC’s budget. It’s complicated, but in short, the rate applied to determine residential assessed values in Colorado must now be adjusted downward biannually to offset the increase in revenues from overall Front Range property assessments.

Ballot Measure 4B will allow the CMC Board of Trustees to recover only those revenues lost by CMC due to the growth in the Front Range property values. This is not an automatic or unlimited tax increase. Trustees would have the ability to adjust the mill levy only when there are future Gallagher Amendment reductions, and the adjustment would be limited in amount to any such reductions.

Join the growing assembly of rural leaders concerned that continued explosive growth on the Front Range will wipe out the services that we all worked so hard to build. Our local economy and the demand for additional services from the College are also growing, yet the impact of the Gallagher Amendment ratchets down the amount that our voter-approved 3.997 mill levy would let the College collect and use.

Please vote “yes” on 4B so that CMC can continue to provide access to the most affordable post-secondary education in our state. Visit http://www.yeson4b.org for more information.

Doris Dewton


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