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Letter: Vote yes on all these critical measures

Vote yes on 1A, 6A, 6B, CC and DD! 1A will help reduce teen vaping. 6A and 6B will not increase property tax rates and will help to maintain current levels of Library Services in Gypsum, Eagle and Avon and life-saving Paramedic Services throughout Eagle County. CC will help to reverse the unforeseen, but very negative, effects of TABOR and provide funding for k-12, higher education and transportation. DD will appropriately tax betting on sporting events to help fund state water projects and gambling addiction services.

6A: Imagine going to the Library and it is not open. 6B: Imagine calling 911 for paramedic service and they can’t come in time due to a lack of staff and/or vehicles.  1A: Imagine more kids — and adults — falling to the ailments associated with vaping, simply because they had not received adequate education about the risks. CC: Imagine what could be done for Colorado’s education and transportation needs with an additional $542M-$1.7B over the next three years (I can live without the $20-$62 refund each year). DD: Imagine the progress on state water conservation plan projects and help for gambling addicts (through, among other possibilities, a crisis-support hotline).

I have been a Coloradan for six years, having lived in California before. I watched library hours in my home city decrease to less than 20 hours-a-week due to poorly-enacted tax “savings” laws. I worked for a water utility where conservation and growth issues abounded, as they do here. And until measures similar to 6B finally passed, I watched ambulance response times grow as the population grew.

Please join me in supporting these measures critical to maintaining our Colorado quality of life.

Cookie Murphy/Pettee


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