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Letter: Vote yes on Amendment 77

Imagine if Vail or any of our Colorado ski towns needed to ask voters statewide about decisions that affect the daily operations of the ski resorts. That is exactly what the Colorado gaming towns (where tourism is just as important as it is here) are faced with today. Amendment 77 is the solution.

This amendment lets voters in the local gaming towns decide if they would like to raise limits or add new games. That local control is vital for businesses that need to see quick recovery from the trying last few months. They are facing important decisions and should be allowed to make them locally.

Additionally, revenues from the casinos support Colorado’s community colleges in a time when that additional funding could mean ensuring their survival. So many students around the state rely on community colleges as an access point to their higher education aspirations.

I want to urge the voters in our community to vote yes on Amendment 77.

Dustin Martin


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