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Letter: Vote yes on Initiative 120

Have you ever experienced the joy of new life? That’s a silly question, I suppose, since we have opportunities to see new life daily here in the valley, but I’m thinking specifically of the miracle of new human life. My wife and I just recently welcomed our third daughter into the world right here at Vail Health. What a joy my girls are to me — I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

I can still remember when our first was born. She was ready to get an early start. Being born five weeks early meant that she needed some extra time in the hospital, and I’ll always be grateful for the nurse staff, doctors, and all of the family that would come to the hospital and just hold her for hours on end. When she needed a special formula in those early premature days, the highway patrol rush delivered the needed supplies from nearly 200 miles away. Even at 35 weeks, she had a full head of dark hair and eyes that gazed directly into my heart. To this day her eyes still make me quiver.

But my heart now turns to the fact that too many babies who reach the gestational age of 35 weeks in Colorado are not given the opportunity to take their first breath. You see, Colorado is one of only seven states that do not restrict abortion after a certain point in a pregnancy.

This election season, will you vote with me in favor of ending abortion in Colorado after 22 weeks of gestation? I believe all children should be given the opportunity to take their first breath.

Vote yes this November to end late-term abortion in Colorado.

Stephen Monroe


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