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Letter: Vote yes on Prop CC

Without raising taxes, we can improve school funding for K-12, community colleges and transportation infrastructure. As a lifelong Coloradan, former teacher and state representative of House District 50, and now as Colorado’s state treasurer, I know we need to pass Prop CC. Our education and transportation infrastructure funding is dismal, as many of our schools around the state have switched to four-day school weeks, and teachers can’t afford to live in the area that they teach in.

Additionally, we have crumbling roads and highways that are not built for the 21st century, as our population continues to grow. In its first year, Prop CC would put an estimated $88 million to transportation projects around the state, and around $88 million to our K-12 public schools to buy new technology and attract qualified teachers, as well as making community colleges more affordable. Prop CC funds would have to be spent on these areas, and the state auditor must provide a financial audit of money to hold spending accountable. 

In the past, voters have approved similar proposals for school districts and local municipalities. Let’s pass Prop CC and bring back five-day school weeks, newer books and technology for students, and update our infrastructure. Vote Yes on Prop CC by Nov 5.

Dave Young, Colorado state treasurer

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