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Letter: Vote yes on Vail 2G

I’m writing today with a simple request …vote yes on Vail 2G. Voting yes on Vail 2G allows the town of Vail to continue to provide our locals and guests with world-class public services that make Vail such a wonderful place to live in and to visit. 

When I moved here at the age of 8, my mom quickly taught me the East Vail bus route, and then I was free to explore the community and all the wonderful trails, parks and public spaces the town of Vail had to offer. I became friends with bus drivers, fulfilled my Red Sandstone Elementary School candy bar sales quotas by hustling the firefighters at the East Vail Fire Station, and learned to play hockey and soccer at the Dobson Ice Arena and at the Ford Park soccer fields. A yes vote on 2G supports these wonderful public amenities and services and ensures current and future generations will enjoy those same amazing experiences I enjoyed as a child.

As a Vail Town Councilmember I’m proud of the current council, and the councils before me, that have been fiscally responsible while continuing to expand on the amazing public services and amenities provided in the town of Vail. Each year we work hard to balance the needs of the community while striving to continually deliver a world-class experience for guests and locals alike. The arbitrary reductions in property taxes from the outdated Gallagher Amendment will limit future Vail Town Councils and thee ability to provide locals and guests with the same amazing services and experiences that we have grown to love and expect in Vail. Please join me, a unanimous Vail Town Council, and the Vail Homeowners Association in voting yes on 2G to ensure the next 50 years of Vail are just as amazing as the first 50 years.

Travis Coggin


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