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Letter: Voting yes on EE is a win for teens, preschoolers

Eagle County residents who are concerned as I am about youth vaping should vote yes on Proposition EE. This measure will raise the cost of vaping supplies, making it more difficult for our youth to access these addictive products. Eagle County residents have been leaders on this front supporting both town and county tax questions on vaping products. But currently, the state does not tax vape items and has one of the lowest tax rates on tobacco products. It’s time we close this vaping loophole because studies show that as costs rise, fewer people use these products.

The funds collected from this tax will provide preschool for every Colorado 4-year-old who wants to attend. Anyone who knows me and knows my connection to the early childhood education world won’t be surprised to learn I think this is a great way to spend these funds. I really like that this proposition helps very young children access critical education and also supports Colorado teenagers by addressing the youth vaping epidemic. Colorado is known for many wonderful things, but being known as a leader in the youth vaping category is not on any Coloradan’s wish list. Please join me in voting yes on EE, a win for our teens and preschoolers. 

Jeanne McQueeney


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