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Letter: Wait for a full board vote, please

Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to the town of Vail’s Planning and Environmental Commission

To the six remaining members of the PEC: Regarding the expansion of the public works facility on the agenda for Nov. 25, 2019, I would strongly suggest that it would be advisable to postpone/table the proposal until the full board of seven members is again assembled. In light of a renewed community interest in full transparency and legitimacy of board decisions and the fact that no construction could begin until spring 2020, why not wait until a meeting when the full board is voting?

Furthermore, the larger scope of the project is not addressed in the proposal. With 100 housing units, a rock-fall berm, a solar farm and multiple buildings in the future town of Vail public works plan, a formal environmental impact statement assessment should be required by the town itself. The simplified opinion of one biologist does not address the elephant in the room, the mitigation required to preserve the adjoining winter forage land of our herd of bighorn sheep rams.

Why does this proposal, only announced on a Friday prior to the PEC meeting on Monday and without a full board in place, smack of intentional concealment from the public and the community?

Susan Bristol


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