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Letter: We can’t just do nothing on housing

On the same day the “Zoom boom” article appeared in the Vail Daily, the New York Times published an article on the lack of workforce housing in the Hamptons. This issue is not new — the pandemic simply shined a light on a problem decades in the making for resort towns and their workforce suburbs.

We have been part-time residents for 25 years and permanent residents for the past four. Now in our 60s, we’re fine, and we are not going anywhere until we can no longer enjoy what living in Eagle brings. But us old folks will not sustain Eagle in the future.

This town, and the ones like it, need to be populated by the young families working here and the resort towns. Even our prices are now out of reach of most of the young families. Our home has doubled in value in the past four years. So what? Where do we expect the young families to live? Is a town full of retirees that cashed out of their homes really what makes Eagle Eagle?

The Vail Daily article suggests that housing hasn’t risen to an essential level for many office holders. If so, we need new office holders (I’ll volunteer). You have to bury your head in the sand not to notice the 15-year-olds working the restaurants, the closing of restaurants and retail a couple of days a week because our entrepreneurs cannot find workers. We residents don’t see the service levels in our hotels, but I have to believe those are suffering as well.

Do nothing and watch the vitality of shops and restaurants disappear. Do nothing and watch the tourists flee when the hotels cannot provide decent service. Just don’t wake up and wonder what happened to our valley, this most wonderful place to live.

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Jon Stavney suggests we need to look at some crazy ideas. In this environment there are no crazy ideas. The only thing crazy is to make due with the status quo and do nothing.

Mike Block


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