Letter: We don’t need a gravel mine in Dotsero

I live in the beautiful community of Two Rivers/Dotsero. We do not need a gravel mine to build more houses along the Colorado River. We do not see it as enhancing our community. We see it as a detriment, and an overabundant gravel mine that will ruin our community, dirty our beautiful waters, and ruin our natural recreational activity that is available here.

If you want to plan something, why don’t we make a gate to Dotsero/Two Rivers to block off the semi-trailers that get stuck here because Glenwood Canyon gets closed? Our community deserves a gate to block off semi-trailers and protect our children and us. We need security not only to protect our neighborhood but to restrict the people that come here without being residents of Dotsero.

That would also be a much less expensive alternative to mining gravel. We do not want mines of gravel here. We are going to have a lot more dust here, which could hinder our breathing, especially for those who have asthma or trouble breathing. What about the noise that will disrupt our community?

We have a small community here. We should have a right to what we bought here. We invested our life savings into our houses in this neighborhood, and we do not want our waters soiled, our breathing disrupted, or noise pollution.

I understand the Planning Commission’s long-term goals to build and develop, but in the meantime, why should our community be taken for granted? Is this really going to make our home values go up?

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What about our lives here?

Karen Tripp
Two Rivers/Dotsero

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