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Letter: We elect representatives to represent us

Friends of Avon Town Councilmembers have written letters to the editor requesting voters to not sign recall petitions. They do not want citizens to have the right to vote. The letters provide misleading statements, statements to divert your attention and use the sexist card because they cannot deny these councilmembers’ actions or the facts. The letters attack citizens exercising their right to recall councilmembers.

We elect representatives to represent the citizens. Avon Town Councilmembers are being recalled because they are not representing their constituents. These councilmembers are not allowing citizens the right to vote on taxes and important issues. They have wasted millions on non-essential governmental functions and unnecessary improvements. Money wasted includes $142,683 on the barn, $28,172 for the street painting fiasco and $8,460 for the barn survey. The constituents forced the survey to stop the wasting of millions. The survey revealed what everyone knew (nearly 90% against the barn). Millions more was wasted on the stage and the narrowing of Beaver Creek Blvd. 

The Vail Daily quoted Mayor Sarah Smith Hymes concerning the barn: “I do not support sending this to the ballot, because it won’t pass.” Nevertheless, Hymes, Tamra Nottingham Underwood and Amy Phillips put their own interests above those of the community and voted to relocate the Hahnewald Barn.  These councilmembers violated their basic duty to represent the citizens.  

Facts: In 1992 the state constitution was modified. It outlawed new real estate transfer taxes and prohibited existing RETTs from increasing. EagleVail, Edwards, Singletree and Eagle County have no RETT. Most cities in the U.S. have no or minimal RETTs and operate fine. 

These councilmembers oppose reducing/eliminating the RETT and allowing citizens to vote on this huge tax they pay. The RETT could be a deal-breaker on real estate transactions. It is an additional cash requirement at settlement that must be paid even if you lose money when you sell.  

There are less harmful, more equitable methods of revenue collection that are less burdensome on locals that smart cities utilize. 

If you want to get back your right to vote on taxes you pay, then sign the petitions. 

If you see a petition circulator, please stop and sign. 479 signatures are needed by Oct. 10. The petition merely requires a recall election so all citizens can ultimately exercise their right to vote.  

You can sign recall petitions one block west of the post office at 228 W Beaver Creek Blvd at the Mein Haus office. If the Avon Recall sign is out at the street but no one around, call Dr. Todd Roehr (970 949-4287). He is onsite but in another building.   

Volunteers, paid petition circulators and donations are welcome. Contact AvonRecall@gmail.com

Tom Ruemmler 


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