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Letter: We need a leader who sees us all on the same team

Thank you for printing Butch Mazzuca’s point of view in your paper. In his March 30 column, he said he is, “temporarily scrapping political commentary” as “partisanship during a crisis is despicable.” I think he has done the opposite. To be partisan is to be prejudiced in favor of a political cause. Calling Donald Trump “decent and responsible” in that same column is a partisan statement, since there is a huge partisan divide on whether or not that is true, and Butch knows it.  

The same is true with a statement in his latest column in the April 6 edition when he says that the federal government is providing leadership. Butch knows there is a partisan divide here too. If he doesn’t realize this is contrary to his promise to scrap political commentary, he has lost touch with reality. Many of us believe a leader is someone who sees the entire country as a team fighting against a formidable enemy compared to one side being pitted against another, which is the atmosphere Trump has created in this country from the beginning of his presidency, and still embraces today. If his use of the word “despicable” makes him think no one will rebut his columns trying to give Trump a pass on bungling this crisis, he’s wrong.

In his most recent column, Butch also discusses federalism and bemoans states turning to the federal government whenever a crisis occurs; but, as is pointed out in an article in the same edition of the Vail Daily, the federal government is a valid helper when the states need its purchasing and logistical power, as well as its ability to run a deficit. In that same article, Jared Kushner is quoted as saying, “The notion of the federal stockpile was it’s supposed to be our stockpile.” and “It’s not supposed to be state stockpiles that they then use.” One has to wonder who “our” is if not the taxpayers that paid for the stockpile. Kushner and his family? Once again we need an administration that sees us as a whole country, a team — not “us vs. them.” 

Debra Dieter 


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