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Letter: We need help from the government

I hope that by the time this is printed, the Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Senate have come together for the individuals and small businesses of this country rather than spending money on large corporations. 

I am frightened for the four nurses in my family, three here in Colorado — one in Maryland. Medical personnel are running out of personal protection and equipment to save lives.

I am deeply concerned for the Red Canyon Café, Owashi, the Brush Creek Saloon, the Almost Everything Store, and all the other small businesses in Eagle. If you don’t want to pick up food from the restaurants (outside), you might buy gift certificates from these and others to help them through.

I will be 88 in a few weeks — if I get sick, well, I’ve had a full, very interesting life. However, I want my children, grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren to survive this virus. We need help from this government of ours! Now!

Katherine Delanoy


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