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Letter: We need leaders, not liars

How much more blatant can it get, people? Everything this president has done has been “out in the open,” from demeaning women, shoving dignitaries on stage, lying continuously every day, being with Putin in Helsinki rather than working with our own justice department, the Charlottesville comments, and on and on. Perhaps you can’t believe your eyes and ears because it seems so utterly evil and ridiculous. Believe it — it’s really happening, in plain sight! Your president has made more than 8,000 false or misleading statements since taking office, according to numerous reputable outlets who fact check the president’s words and tweets.

From the denial of climate change, funding being cut for the EPA, the cost of medicines and the cost of healthcare, ignoring the needs of folks affected by hurricanes, tornados, fires and floods, this president is destroying our very existence of the American way of life.

Last, but not least, is the gun issue and nothing being done to look at the role the NRA plays in the murder of so many of our young people and other citizens.

I’m praying for the young, intelligent open-minded people of our great country to get out there in this next election to demand and accomplish what is needed to keep America great. I am an elderly person who remembers the “Greatest Generation” who believed in honesty, integrity, civility and just “Good ole common sense.” We are in great need of leaders, not liars, in our government.

Linda Carr


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