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Letter: We need more off-leash opportunities

Thank you for printing Madeleine Berenson’s column regarding her frustration with the lack of off-leash opportunities for her dog. I have the same frustration in Eagle.  

Various entities in the valley, from HOAs to local governments, are concentrating on enforcement and education, both of which are needed. However, not coupling these two approaches with more off-leash opportunities is to ignore the reality of the significant number of dog owners who are affected.

How about providing local vets with a list of trail-etiquette rules to distribute to their clients, and designating some trails as being off-leash for certain times of the day? Eagle Ranch has many paved trails with good visibility, allowing owners to check for the presence of wildlife before unleashing a dog. Eagle Ranch’s dog park could also be much more user-friendly with just a few improvements. Education could also be provided with dog license mailings and online, and whenever someone adopts a dog.  

Certainly, a more realistic approach would include dedicating some of the money we’re spending on this issue to providing better off-leash opportunities. A reply from someone in a position to make this happen would be appreciated and a sign that everyone’s needs will finally get consideration.

Debra Dieter

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