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Letter: We need real action on climate change

The large body of well-researched scientific evidence now at hand (and so far ignored by most people) is that global climate change is an immediate threat to all species of life here on Earth, including that of our own; and the consensus among the majority of environmental scientists from around the world is that we have no more than a single decade to halt or reverse this warming trend before the tipping point will have been reached and our collective fate will have been sealed. Reference is made to the recent United Nations study on this subject, among many others.

Therefore it is my fervent hope that a candidate running to become the next president of the United States will soon emerge who can demonstrate having the knowledge, credentials, experience, skills and wisdom necessary to address this threat successfully; a man or woman who will pledge to place addressing global warming as his or her highest priority if elected president and lead the world in this critical endeavor. He or she will certainly get my support, and my vote.

Peter Bergh

Edwards, Colorado

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