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Letter: We need to help animals before they’re gone

As humans, we only think about things that occur in our own lives, and we are not putting thought to the animals out there that need our help. For example, there are 500 Siberian Tigers left, less than 2,000 Sumatran Elephants, 15,000 Jaguars, 20,000 Blue Whales, 2,000 Pandas, 20,000 Polar Bears, and 200 Philippine Crocodiles.

Some people ask, “Why should humans help animals, we’re powerful and in control of nature.” Well here is the answer — because we can, we have the ability to help animals, so we should. Animals can’t keep helping themselves anymore. Everyone needs to contribute if we don’t want these beautiful creatures to disappear. If we care enough, our environment will be natural again. 

Hannah Rollins

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