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Letter: We need to support the Vail Recreation District to keep Vail amazing

About a week ago, I was part of a conversation in which several Vail homeowners were discussing how annoyed they were with being asked to increase taxes (again) in the next election, particularly on Issue A and the support to the Vail Recreation District.

“What is there for me?” was the bottom line of the conversation. I listen generously to their arguments and had a hard time biting my tongue. It was that conversation that encouraged me to go public and express why I think it is important to support VRD and its endeavors.

It is simple: We need the VRD. As a Vail resident and a full-time, working mom of three young children (my oldest is 7), we need the support of VRD to move forward with our families. We need for its programs to be creative, sustainable and, most important of all, affordable.

From after-school programs to reasonable priced summer camps and all the options in between (bike races, trail races, golf, gymnastics, hockey, soccer, softball, senior programs, skateboarding, pickleball, tennis, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, whitewater events, arts classes, etc.), to know our kids are in good hands, and enjoying sports and nature, gives us reassurance and the opportunity to work even harder to serve in this community.

Did you know KidZone (Camp Vail, after-school and other programs) is a licensed child-care facility, so you could use your dependent care flexible spending account? Those pre-taxed dollars are worth spending with them.

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The benefit of supporting this issue is that families like ours (and probably families like yours) will be able to continue serving in this community, making sure we keep Vail as amazing as it is. It’s really that simple. It takes all of us to make the valley the best place to live and work. Please do not forget that.

Magda King


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