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Letter: We need wildlife corridors before it’s too late

I hear a lot of talk about the declining populations of bighorn sheep, elk and other animals, and as a local I care deeply about the wildlife in our area. I want our children to be able to grow up with these native animals still strong in Colorado. Our economy is based heavily on tourism, and yet each year, I see less and less wildlife.

Please tell me, when are we going to build wildlife corridors for these animals who have called Eagle County home for hundreds of years longer than any of us humans have been around? I see these poor animals trying to migrate under or around the highway and I’ve seen far too many of them killed or forced into small areas where they’re bothered by dogs or made easy prey. The fences that were put up along I-70 are for the insurance companies, not the wildlife. It’s a shame really, and I’d like to know what Eagle County is doing in response.

Other countries and counties have overpasses and they’re even a bit of a cool tourist attraction. “Oh wow, Grand County seems to care more about their elk than Eagle County does” a visiting friend once remarked to me. Indeed.  Let’s do something soon before it’s too late.

Kris Wiebe


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