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Letter: We need workforce housing in East Vail

The business community NEEDS this project.

The Vail community needs more affordable housing for its workforce, and as a general manager of two stores here, I and other business community members welcome projects like Vail Resorts’ East Vail affordable workforce housing project. In order for our businesses to continue providing the highest quality of service we are known for and advertise as the “Vail Experience” for our community members and guests, we need affordable housing close to where people work.

We should approach shovel-ready projects like the East Vail affordable housing project with positivity and support, knowing that our community will be stronger when they are completed. Our amazing community depends on the mountain to be fully staffed and these beds are an important step in that direction. In addition, businesses throughout the community need more affordable housing available for our workers. These beds will mean my employees will have more opportunity to find affordable housing. This is a win-win for the mountain we love and all Vail businesses.

MacKenzie Hanna


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