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Letter: We shouldn’t make it easy for China to dominate us

Susan Thistlethwaite wrote a passionate column in the July 1 Vail Daily about climate change and her concern about the catastrophe that is happening. It is obvious that she believes strongly about this, and her solution is government action. Many want to take actions that would be very expensive and may not fix the problem. While the United States attempts to lead, the rest of the world (about 85% of the problem) would do little.

Few address what I believe is the basic problem — too many people on this Earth. I do not know anyone who wants to terminate human life, but let’s recognize this major component of the problem. Carbon dioxide is considered by many as the great risk that needs to be controlled and reduced, but humans contribute to carbon dioxide.

By examining ice cores, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has estimated carbon dioxide in 1800 to be 280 parts per million (ppm) while world population was 1 billion. In 1960, the world population reached 3 billion and the carbon dioxide was 320 ppm. Now, carbon dioxide has peaked at 420 ppm while the world population is 7.8 billion – a 48% increase in carbon dioxide and a 780% increase in population from 1800 and a 30% increase of carbon dioxide and 126% population increase in the past 60 years.

While it is fine for the United States to lead the way, we shouldn’t risk our way of life for the world. China is a much larger country and has larger emissions than the U.S. Chinese officials promise action in the future, but China is currently building a number of coal fired electric plants. China is also an untrustworthy government, given how dishonest Chinese officials have been in their cover-up of how COVID-19 developed. And the Chinese want to dominate us.

The media and many politicians have declared “the science is settled.” Much of the “settled science” is junk science, manipulated data that has become a focus for sensational journalism. Al Gore warned in 2006 that in 10 years (2016) we would reach the “point of no return.” Dire warnings abound. But even The New York Times was warning about excessive global cooling in the 1970s.

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Dr. Steven Koonin recently published a book entitled “Unsettled.” Koonin was a professor of theoretical physics at Caltech, studying energy technology and policy, and climate science. He served as Under Secretary of Energy for Science under President Obama for two years and has reviewed and tested all of the significant climate change models. When these models are tested with historical data, they did not predict what happened. He believes that we face modest increases in global temperatures during the remainder of this century.

We have heard all the warnings akin to the “sky is falling.” Certainly, we should not needlessly waste our resources and pollute our environment, but we should not endanger our country and make it easy for China to dominate us.

Jack Schierholz

East Vail

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