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Letter:  We want to represent you in EagleVail

Good day and thanks for reading my first-ever letter to the Vail Daily. I’ve been a frequent reader since I bought in EagleVail almost 5 years ago. I appreciate this method to share our thoughts and perspectives.

EagleVail Residents have until Feb. 21 at 5 p.m. to submit their EVPOA ballots for the qualified cast of caring candidates that want to represent you. Specifically, I’m hoping that you’ll vote for Mike Kieler, John Copeland, and John A Donovan V — a.k.a. me.

We bring diverse and complementary backgrounds, we’re clear in our thoughts and communications, and we want to represent you! We want to hear your thoughts about how to better this Community while maintaining its proud heritage and planning for the next 30 years of enjoyment in this great valley.

As an example, I enjoyed my first Turkey Trot in 2022 and I was amazed by the spirit of community. I want to be a part of bringing this community even closer and making people feel at home in EagleVail.

John A Donovan V

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