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Letter: Wearing masks on the mountain

Despite the signage and despite occasional reminders from employees at Vail and Beaver Creek, mask wearing on buses and in line continues to leave much to be desired. We all want a full season of skiing despite restrictions and requirements that are out of the ordinary.

Sunday, on the bus up the mountain from Beaver Creek, limited to 30, as soon as the bus pulled out a guest took his mask off and chatted with his friend the entire trip up the mountain in close quarters. This, despite signs telling everyone masks are mandatory.

Maybe this guest thought it was OK for him to remove his mask since the rest of us didn’t, but that behavior is unacceptable and selfish. Maybe Beaver Creek could ask the bus drivers to remind people over the speaker that they must wear their masks on the bus and at all times?

Similarly, several times during the day in lines, both at the base and further up the mountain, people removed their masks to chat openly with friends, talk on their cell phones etc. Yet again, signs everywhere being ignored. Many times the scanners walked right past them and ignored saying anything.

I’m not sure whose responsibility it is to police mask-wearing in lines, but none of us want to be mask police and be in the position of telling fellow skiers to follow the rules. Vail and Beaver Creek must do a better job of handling the mask policing if we are all to enjoy a safe and healthy ski season … and not have the responsibility fall to skiers to remind others of the rules.

Paul Boulis


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