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Letter: Well done, parents!

Since schools closed in mid-March, parents have developed new relationships with their children that full-time work and school did not allow. Rather than looking upon this as a negative, you saw it as a challenge. And you did it!

  • You relearned mixed numbers, elements of sentence structure, and Newton’s laws of motion.
  • You made amplification devices out of toilet paper rolls.
  • You used virtual backgrounds on Zoom calls.
  • You developed home workout routines for you and your children.
  • You risked life and limb to get groceries.
  • You fed your family.
  • You emptied the dishwater multiple times each day.
  • You played four square in the driveway and board games in the kitchen.
  • You watched Disney’s “Frozen 2” on repeat.
  • You kept your family safe and healthy.
  • You read with your children at night when you could barely keep your eyes open.
  • You continued to work, but at home.
  • You danced.
  • You laughed.
  • You cried.
  • You performed skills you never knew you had.
  • You educated your children at home!

Thank you to our teachers for putting weekly learning packets together and holding office hours by phone and Zoom.

Thank you to our children for adapting and finishing the school year strong.

And thank you to our parents for reconnecting with their children and turning an adversity into a blessing. Keep it up!

Dan Reynolds

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