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Letter: What a waste

Billionaires got a lot richer during the pandemic year by doing absolutely nothing but sitting back and watching their capital grow, while millions around the world suffered from the pandemic and died from that and the effects of the climate crisis. Some of the wealthiest decided to celebrate by going up in space.

Just think what their billions could do to get vaccines to every country that is lacking them, or to address climate change by helping us to transition to renewable fuel sources. Oh, I forgot for a minute that many of these billionaires are hand in hand with the oil and gas conglomerates. Heaven forbid that they lose any money while the Earth is burning up from fires and drowning under floods. And the sea critters in the Northwest are dying by the millions, cooking in the hot water.

So very little is being done. I look at the dust storms and floods in China and think, “Maybe now they will wake up.” But why should I think that when our terrible drought and fires don’t seem to have moved the United States very far. Not even this administration’s best efforts are going to work if the billionaires and their corporations don’t comply. Does anyone out there know how to move them?

Katherine Delanoy


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