Letter: What a wonderful community we live in

In this strange time with so much stress and uncertainty, it is refreshing and hopeful to meet community members who are going out of their way to help others. At the start of our “isolation I had a call from a wonderful chef offering meals for veterans who, by age or risk factors, should not be going out in public to shop. Allana Smith who is a professional chef and owns FOODSmith Vail offered to make meals for our veterans and to assist with delivery. Her meals were generous in portions and delicious beyond comparison!

Veteran volunteers also helped with delivery: Laura Johnson and Jon Damon. And the word is that the veterans who received the meals were so appreciative and so thankful — beyond words! We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Allana for her generosity and her energy which helped so many people through his rough time.

Allana’s business, FOODsmith Vail, is now back in business and she is eager to serve her clients for events or personal chef meals.

Our veterans in need are now being served by the two churches doing community suppers: Eagle River Presbyterian and United Methodist Church of Eagle Valley. A heartfelt thank you to them for carrying through with this needed service and thanks to all of their wonderful volunteers. And thanks to our veteran volunteers who are delivering: Jon Damon, Laura Johnson and Kenton Krohlow.

What a wonderful community we live in!

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Pat Hammon

Eagle County Veteran Service Officer

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