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Letter: What about big corporations?

“The reality is clear, human nature dictates that people will always be more careful with their own money than they are with someone else’s, and people will always act in ways they perceive as being in their own best interests.”

It is a sad truth what Butch Mazzuca is pointing out in his most recent op-ed. People with integrity are getting scarce, and handshakes are not enough to seal a deal in these days.

I wonder, though, why he aims to an easy target. After all, governments are notoriously poor administrators of people’s money.

It would have been more interesting had he took on big corporations.

There, friendly boards lavish shareholders’ money in exec’s salaries and benefits. CEO salaries have increased over 1,000% since 1978. In too many cases, the value of the investors’ stakes does not reflect that percentage. From the users’ point of view, customer service is a nightmare in too many cases. (Have you ever tried to find answers from airlines, cable companies, utilities in general, or our own Vail Resorts?)

So, Mazzuca, be brave and, for a moment, forget your political-serving essays. Put ,for once, your pen to the service of the little guy that is abused by the large conglomerate. That will show some integrity.

Piero Costa


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