Letter: What about infrastructure?

I read about the two major residential projects in Eagle, Haymeadow to the east, and the Reserve at Hockett Gulch to the west with great concern.  Although I am in agreement with the need for “low-cost housing” and community growth, there is a greater issue. Currently, if you wish to exit the south and east part of Eagle you must travel along Sylvan Lake Road or Capitol Street, both of which empty onto U.S. Highway 6. These are two-lane roadways not built for the high volume that the new construction will bring. When and if these two projects are built, the traffic will be horrendous, and the current roadways will not be able to handle this increased traffic.

The above concerns don’t consider the water needs and requirements of these new residents. An altogether different but equally important issue.  Although “green space” is important, these other issues are of greater concern.

Stephen Gordon

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