Letter: What Colorado doesn’t need

Many of you may not spend much time watching TV, given how we live in one of the world’s biggest outdoor playgrounds. So, I wanted to make sure that you all are keeping up with what you may have missed.

With the upcoming elections, including a contest for a U.S. Senate seat, you would think that the people who are running would be concerned about some of the things facing many of us today, including inflation, education, health care and the like. So, imagine my surprise when I saw the first TV ad for our current Sen., Michael Bennet. Here’s what he says in his ad that he plans to do if elected (and you can check it out for yourself online if you don’t believe me):

  • Ban members of Congress from becoming lobbyists
  • Not taking a dime in corporate PAC money
  • Stop senators and congressmen from making personal stock trades

That’s it. Nothing about how inflation is hammering household budgets. Nothing about the state of education in our country and how detrimental the shutdowns were to our kids. Nothing about health care and how we are going to face the next pandemic. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like someone who is very out of touch with what is going on in our state. He talks more like an elite Washington insider who needs to spend a little more time outside of the beltway.

I encourage every one of you to learn more about the candidates and what they stand for. Many of you might be surprised to learn that the Republican candidate Joe O’Dea is a pro-life candidate. He is also a small business owner, who understands what legislation will actually help our state’s small businesses. 

So, think carefully about who you think will do the best job at being in touch with our state’s needs. From the first TV ad from Sen. Bennet, I think we can do better. 

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Suzy Smith

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