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Letter: What do you have to lose?

This goes out tonight to all my friends who are suffering from medical issues. The pictures attached come from my bike ride today. What a glorious day God provided me today in so many ways!

In February 2018 I was diagnosed with cancer and spent the rest of the year going through radiation/chemo, three surgeries and then four months of chemo. I did pretty well through my fourth chemo treatment, still getting out for short bike rides, but then spent the next two months in bed. I have lived with all sorts of pain in the past 19 months, but keep a positive outlook to overcome these issues. I will live with joy in my life.

Going back to my first statement, I want to share with friends is that there is hope. There is hope for recovery, hope for peace, and hope for a new definition of life.

I finished chemo on Oct. 26, 2018, and have had a long recovery to feeling like a human again. Today I rode 30 miles on my bike, climbed over 1,600 feet in elevation and surpassed 1,000 miles for 2020. I share this with you as it may be a long road ahead, but there will be a day soon like I had today. Look at the photos of God’s grace around me. I cannot believe I feel so good and so lucky. In 2019 I rode 1,250 miles and could not have ridden one more. It is only June 10.

Doing one small step each day was the answer. Being a Christian, when I was first diagnosed, our pastor was going through Philippians, 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”

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Look at me now. As there will be bad days in front of us all, looking back on your adventure/ordeal/sickness will bring alive God/Jesus Christ in your soul. I know for a fact I would not have made it without Jesus in my life. What do you have to lose? Peace be with you all.

Kevin Kenney


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