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Letter: What happened to neighborhood compatibility?

Triumph Property may have a right to build employee housing at the East Vail interchange but what it has proposed — a mega-complex of five and four-story buildings — is incompatible with East Vail in two respects: the proposed density of this project and the fact that it will stand out like a sore thumb from the rest of East Vail.

Employee housing is supposed to harmonize with the surrounding neighborhood.  Nowhere in East Vail are there any buildings that exceed three stories. And nowhere in East Vail have over 100 people per acre been crammed into any development. Under the prior zoning — which was compatible with the rest of East Vail — only a relative few duplexes or single family homes could have been built on the site and the density would have been consistent with the rest of the community.

The zoning code leaves it to the PEC to control density in employee housing.  If this project is to be built, there should not be any buildings over three stories and the density should be compatible with the rest of East Vail. In addition, the developer should be required to generously landscape so that the development does not appear as a large clear-cut of the surrounding forest. We do not need a Middle Creek East on the hillside in East Vail.

Gina Grisafi


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