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Letter: What happened to the Israeli flag?

Our valley is filled with beautiful and scenic spots, and yet one of them has been disturbed. Many of us have come to treasure and enjoy the flags of all the countries that participated in the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championship races at Beaver Creek.

For the last week, I have looked with sadness as I realize one of the flags is no longer flying along with all the others. On closer inspection, the cable to the flag has been cut and the flag, that happens to be from Israel, is no longer present. In this age of “tolerance” or lack thereof, perhaps it’s a mere coincidence and perhaps I am too sensitive. We have tried to get answers as perhaps it’s a maintenance issue, but so far no one has explained how it’s only the Israeli flag that is missing.

We all have strong feelings on many issues, but it seems that once again intolerance of others has won the day.

Dan Brajtbord


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