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Letter: What is wrong with this country?

Dear readers, I am sorry to be under your eyeballs again, but I have to say something. What is wrong with this country? Where did we go wrong? 

Or am I the only one who is getting more confused as I age. I could get into politicians who spend more time on Twitter then governing the country, or men telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies, or parents who don’t want to give their kid a shot of medicine at the early stages of kidhood so they don’t get sick later in life, but no, my confusion, anger, or general queasiness doesn’t come from any of these, or at least not that I will bring up while I am sober. 

No, my biggest issue (today) is math …

I was reading an article in the Vail Daily on May 21 about how the snow’s not done yet. In it, I was baffled to see that “Colorado’s overall snowpack is now 190% of normal.”  So … um, last year according to onthesnow.com numbers for the winter of 2017-2018, Vail received a total of 171 inches of snow, and we can all agree that it was a slow year for snow. So if we were to take 171 inches of snow and then add on 90% more, or 155 inches we would have a total snowpack of 326 inches of snow totaling 190%, but once again onthesnow.com says the 2018/2019 winter only produced 218 inches. 

So what am I not getting here? If 100% of the snowpack is normal, why are we not saying that we are now 20% or whatever over a normal year? I just don’t get it, and to make matters worse, I have another math issue I have seen and can’t figure out.

Have you ever gone into the store to buy toilet paper? Sure you have, unless you are a weirdo who has a bidet, but no judgments here … weirdo. So you are looking for a toilet paper that is not one-ply because even when I am down to my last $20 bill, I will never, ever, ever again go for the one-ply. So there are brands that are soft, extra soft, strong, super strong and mega-super-strongest-softest paper so strong and soft that you think you were wiping your tush with a bodybuilding Bernese mountain dog puppy.

Well, yeah, I am going with the puppy, but then you have to make the next decision — how many rolls do you get, and then you see my next issue.  Eight mega rolls equal 32 normal rolls. Well I don’t need 32 rolls, so I will go for the four rolls, but the 4 rolls equal 18 rolls of TP.  When did one roll of TP not equal one roll of TP?  According to snowfall math, shouldn’t the packaging say 12 rolls now equal 659% more of normal rolls …. I just don’t get it, and now my head hurts ….

Mike Spaid


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