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Letter: What leadership looks like

I should have posted these remarks three years ago this July when my daughter awoke from back surgery and the first thing she asked was, “Is Trump still President?” I did not think he could possibly make it this far. 

I have a son and a son-in-law in the United States Marine Corps and I have tried to comfort my wife by telling her there were adults surrounding the commander-in-chief that would keep the ball in the lane. Once Gen. Mattis resigned, I could no longer stand on that belief. I attended four years at a school dedicated to leadership and spent 22 years in the Marine Corps learning how to lead Marines. I never perfected it, but here are a few of my concepts of leadership that are and have always been important to me.

Practice what you preach. There is no quicker way to lose respect than to say one thing and do just the opposite. What you preach must be what you believe, not merely what you have been told to say. Your actions should represent your beliefs and must be consistent.

Lead from the front. A leader must be able to do or be willing to do anything he asks others to do. Share hardship with your Marines (people).

Speak out when things are wrong. Correct deviations and violations. Leaders must meet or exceed the standards they set for everyone else. No double standards.

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Speak up for what you think is right. Express concerns and dissent. Give straightforward advice when questioned. Do not tell others what they want to hear for the sake of appeasement.

Demonstrate self-discipline. Leaders must do what is right because they want to. Set a positive professional and personal example.

Treat others as you would like to be treated. It is really that simple. Favoritism, discrimination, fraternization, and sexual harassment have no place in our lives and should not be tolerated.

Our current commander-in-chief and president of the United States practices none of these leadership concepts.

Bern Krueger


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