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Letter: What made Vail good is lost and gone

The Thursday, Dec. 15 Vail Daily edition with the “Zero to 60 at Vail” headline on the 60th anniversary of Vail was a fun read. Reporter interviews of the contributors to the beginnings of Vail were a good format and made for lively personal recollections and stories of how things were and came to be. The fun, all-in-it-together spirit that existed is mentioned over and over and always makes me wish I’d been here, too.

One comment that strikes me as the most honest and true about the way things have evolved is Diana Donovan’s quote: “I’m frustrated because I think we’re losing what makes Vail good.”

I hate to tell Diana, but what made Vail good is lost and gone. As a friend who has been here since the early days says, all that fun and feel-good has vanished in a “cloud of Epic passes and stock options.” What we have is a carnival-like mock-up of what Vail once was, Vail done by Disney, just more expensive.

Vail Resorts is still trying to attract more and more people here because it’s not about ski fun anymore, it’s about the profit and the appeal to so-called guests’ desire to feel as if they have made it because they can be known as people who come to Vail or even as part-time residents of this elite mecca.

Where once there were sheep and dogs and lots of kids playing in the streets with anyone and everyone looking out for them all, now there’s no room for them, especially the sheep who have been here since long before people came and who are seen by many newcomers as expendable.

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One more thing to Diana since she is the one who created Vail Honeywagon: the first thing I saw when I drove up to my first home in Edwards, a rental condo, were the words on the side of a Vail Honeywagon garbage truck. It said, “Satisfaction guaranteed or your trash back.” I loved it, and knew I was going to like it here. Now those trucks are gone, too.

Mary Lamb Lucas

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