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Letter: What the Avon recall petition says

The Avon Town Councilmembers have an ethical responsibility to the constituents of Avon. These include, but are not limited to: not abusing their power, supporting basic tenets of our republic such as no taxation without representation, fair and equal treatment of all. The voters of Avon have the right to call into question the overreaching abuse of power and position of any elected official, including members of the Town Council. If such abuses of civil positions are unchecked without accountability for nefarious and biased actions, the behavior will continue to the detriment of the town and community. 

The time is now for the people of Avon to rein in the council and let them know we are paying attention, and we will not let them continue with irresponsible spending, unconstitutional mandates and targeted taxation, which in turn leads to targeted exemptions. The real estate transfer tax fills the communal pot from selected households and is then carelessly wasted. Less money in the pot would yield more responsible spending and only fixing what is truly broken. 

Recapture your right to vote by signing recall petitions at 228 W. Beaver Creek Blvd.    

The petition to recall is limited to 200 words. It states:   

The Avon Recall Committee believes that Avon Council Member Amy Phillips (Sarah Smith Hymes, Tamra Underwood) is acting contrary Avon residents’ desires. For example, the Vail Daily reported member’s arrogance, that there is no appetite among taxpayers to use public funds to move the barn, and quoted a council member stating“I do not support sending this to the ballot, because it won’t pass” Citizen’s pressured the council to do a public survey about spending millions to move the barn. The survey revealed a whopping 891 against the move and only 104 for it. It is clear that Amy Phillips (Sarah Smith Hymes, Tamra Underwood) is putting her own opinion in front of those of the community.  

Amy Phillips (Sarah Smith Hymes, Tamra Underwood) has not eliminated a 2% Avon real estate transfer tax. This tax can result in a $20,000 expense to buyers or sellers of a $1 million property in Avon. The tax is collected even if the property has decreased in value. This tax is not imposed in neighboring EagleVail, Edwards or Singletree. It puts property sellers at a disadvantage when compared to other communities. The HUGE additional tax is not borrowed money and can cause sales to fall through if buyers don’t have the additional cash to close.  

Adrienne Perer


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