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Letter: What’s so ‘generational’ about the choice of Kamala Harris?

I read “Kamala Harris is a generational choice” and thought I must have missed something — so I read it again. Nope, did not miss anything as apparently Dr. Susan Thistlethwaite identifies the only credentials necessary to be vice president (and in this case president as Joe Biden will never serve a day) is that one is “woke” and multi-racial.

So whatever Sen. Harris brings in qualification is not important — only that she be generational. Good luck with that in the performance of the most difficult job in the world. So with this mind, I propose for the future we select our nominees by a “national lottery” whereby all who have this “woke generational choice” credentials have their names submitted and we draw out a winner. This will make us a great nation — certainly in the eyes of Dr. Thistlethwaite.    

Gene Henry    

Vail and Atlanta

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