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Letter: What’s the big plan?

It appears to me that the charge to the planners of Vail’s civic area was to build on every square foot land and if that runs out, to tear down everything that’s more than 40 years old. I don’t believe that a convention center will fly with the voters — it’s already been voted down twice. Have the economics changed to the point that a $55 million project now makes sense? 

If you build the facility, do you have the rooms available to fill it? Most lodges have their own promotion programs and may not be willing to hold large blocks of rooms for a one or two-night convention. Chances are that a convention hotel will be needed to make sure we have the rooms available to fill the civic center. The hotels will love that — a new publicly subsidized competitor!

We cannot start planning new facilities every time someone decides we need a convention center/performing arts center/recreation center/more ice.

The library is a super facility as is, and any new building around it would only take away from the special feeling one enjoys just being there.

Josef Staufer


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