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Letter: What’s up with Lionshead escalators?

Vail is a great place for visitors and those of us who live here. We locals do everything we can to enhance our guests’ experience, and I am certain they appreciate this by returning and spending freely.

Now for my complaint. The escalators in Lionshead seem to be nonfunctional more than they are working, which causes a dangerous situation. The stairway between the up and down escalators is quite narrow. So when they are not working it is very difficult and dangerous for guests walking in ski boots, carrying skis going both up and down simultaneously to pass on the narrow walkway.

Good thing I had my helmet on the other morning as I almost got whacked in the head! I strongly recommend that it is time for the town to work with the owner of the escalators to require a permanent fix or remove the escalators and widen the stairway. We survived without escalators for many years and we can do it again if they can’t be totally functional.

Eric Larson


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