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Letter: What’s with the curbside check-in?

For some unknown reason to me, the curbside check-in at the Eagle County Regional Airport has been blocked by barricades. My wife and I fly out of that airport numerous times each year. For many years, I pull up to American Airline’s curbside check-in, drop off my wife and our luggage, and park our car.

With these barricades up, I have to pull way forward sometimes practically to the opposite end of the terminal building and drag our bags back to the curbside check-in while my wife waits with the car. I am 73 years old and not happy that I have to expend that extra energy just to check in for our flight.

I have been unable to find one person who can explain to me the benefit of these barricades. Seems to me that it adds to traffic congestion in the smaller space that is left. It leaves a bad taste with our visitors who come here for our friendly atmosphere.

Ern Mooney

Sweetwater and New Braunfels, Texas

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