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Letter: When will we wake up from the nightmare?

The entire country of Australia has lost 102 people in the COVID-19 pandemic. Not 109,497 — as of last count in the United States.  No, one hundred and two. Did Australia know more than we did in the United States? No. Is Australia a totalitarian regime that controls the population?  No, it is a democracy.  

The pandemic did not destroy the health and the economy of the United States because the World Health Organization or China did not keep us informed, as Trump, Fox News, and the Trump supporters claim. It destroyed the health and the economy of the United States because of the gross incompetence of a narcissistic sociopath who is the President of the United States.

Trump undermines the message of social distancing by mocking reporters and political opponents who wear masks during the pandemic, which his own administration has advocated.

To make matters worse, Trump is now inciting violence, disruption and unrest with his incendiary rhetoric. “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”  “They will be met with vicious dogs and ominous weapons.”

The “photo op” incident at St. John’s Church on June 1 was something one might expect to happen in a third world country with a dictatorship. Peaceful protesters, U.S. citizens, were tear-gassed and shot with rubber bullets to clear the path for a photo op in front of the church. A photo op that has been widely denounced by church leaders as being anything but congruent with Christian values.

And yet his supporters in the Republican Party continue to support him, despite the blatantly obvious fact that he does not represent their core values. Reasonable people don’t agree with them. In defense, some of the Republicans I know have told me that all of this, the pandemic and the protests, are instigated by radical leftist extremists who want this country to become communist. I do not believe that.  

But the unfortunate fact is that these people have bought Trump’s demonic, but brilliant, argument that everything they hear from the “mainstream” media is fake news. This is what dictators do: Create an alternate reality and brainwash people. Are we living in an alternate universe? Will we wake up and find that this was all just a terrible nightmare? No, unfortunately, this is the reality in the United States today.

Please keep all this in mind when you vote in November. Not only for president but for all the other political offices, right down to the local level.

Donna Spinelli


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